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About The Artist / Educator

Helene Gordon

Pima Porcelain Studio - Tucson, AZ - 1977 - 1979

  • The Art of Hand Painting Porcelain

  - History,Technique, Composition, Design

  - Pen work

  - First and Second Fire Technique

  - Boutique and Gift Show Participant

China Painting Studio - Canoga Park, CA - 1980 - 1983

  • Advanced Methods of Painting on Porcelain

  - Application of 14 and 24-Karat Liquid Gold

  - Etching, Burnishing

  - Glass Painting and Firing

  - Boutique and Gift Show Participant

The Porcelain Studio - Chatsworth, CA - 1983 - 1993

  • Hand Painted Porcelain by Helene Gordon

  - Personalized gifts, custom kitchen/bath tiles, fine china and accessories

  - Featured artist/custom designer/supplier - Stationery Department

    Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills and Newport Beach

  - Artist and Custom Designer of Judaica line of Hand Painted Porcelain for

    National and Canadian Market

  - Featured in Judaic Museum Gift Stores nationally and in Canada

  - Featured in “Giftware News” Publication

  - Gift Show Participant

Heirloom Creations by Helene Gordon - Chatsworth, CA - 1990-present

  • Expanded Painting Application to Include

   - Designing and Hand Painting

      * Linens - Table, Bed and Bath

      * Silks - China Silk, Dupione

      * Papers - FineStationery

      * Needlework Canvases

   - Hand Stenciling Walls, Furniture and Linens

   - Custom Designed Tallit (Prayer Shawls) and Accessories Created

     for Private Clientele

Classes Taught
  - Prayer Shawl, Bag and Head Coverings
  - Hand Painting on Fabric
  - Porcelain Painting